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Mother Daughter Matching Tops Review

Choose matching tops for mom and daughter at Sunbands. We sell only our own creations here, so what you see cannot be purchased anywhere else. Which reminds me, use DONNA10 at checkout. And now that we’ve answered the million percent question, let’s talk mom, youth, toddler, and baby matching tops!

When we started designing our signature headbands, the question became what to call them. We tossed around a lot of ideas, but the one we settled on was Sunbands, which is simply the sun from sunglasses and the bands from headbands. It’s not rocket science, thankfully, or we’d be in trouble. We’re good at a few things here, but rockets and science are not high on the list. If I’m being truthful, our list took one look at rockets and science and said “nah, we’re good.”

So how do you write the word Sunbands, and turn it into something that looks like a brand? First, I knew it needed to be black and pink because that’s Donna’s thing. When we first met, she drove a black and pink minivan. It was the first wheelchair accessible minivan ever sold in the Central Florida area, way back in 1991. Until then, the only van you could get if you wanted to drive from your wheelchair was an ice cream truck. Well, not really. But it was definitely big enough that you could set up an ice cream shop inside.

After looking at the word Sunbands for a few minutes, the A jumped off the paper and screamed “give me some sunglasses.” And that’s how it happened. The A in Sunbands became the Sunband itself. But then, we thought why not try out a few other words that might look great with the Sunbands A. And that’s how Huggable, Loveable, Adorable, Dreamer and Charming came to be.

Huggable, Loveable, Adorable, Dreamer and Charming come in pink and purple versions, with lots of colors to choose from for your tops. Please see them all right here. Thank you for visiting, and don’t forget to use DONNA10 at checkout.

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Deep State Shenanigans Explained

We get a lot of curious dog looks about our Deep State clothing. What is it? What does it mean? For starters, it is art imitating life. It is comedy. It is satire. It is silly. And it is fun.

“The Deep State” is a conspiracy theory that has been around since the founding of our country in 1776. The conspiracy theory says that there is an incredibly large secret network of people working in government that spy and do dreadful things against the citizens of the county. Is it real? Of course not. It is not physically possible for such a thing to exist secretly, especially over hundreds of years. You cannot have thousands of people working for one organization, the U.S. Government, and doing things in secret that other people in the organization don’t know about. How would that even work? How would these thousands of people secretly communicate with each other? Who would be in charge? Who would decide who gets invited to be a member? How could you invite people to join if the whole thing is supposed to be secret? What if you invite the wrong person and they expose the whole thing? Blaming “The Deep State” for your problems is just a silly nonsense thing that dishonest people say to distract attention away from their own bad behavior. What’s even more silly is that some people believe it’s real.

So, we poke fun at the conspiracy theory by riffing off the phrase Deep State. It starts with Deep State University, which came to me one day when I thought about the words “State” and “University.” Then I created all the outlandish spin offs, like Deep State Phys Ed Dept, which is a riff on Eddie Murphy’s Mumford Phys Ed Dept T-shirt in Beverly Hills Cop. And then there’s Deep State Lacrosse, because Lacrosse is hugely popular, and it sounds like the Lacrosse program of Deep State University. And then I created all the businesses with outlandish tag lines that imply the businesses spy on their customers like it’s a good thing. It’s all just silliness. We hope you enjoy the Deep State clothing line. We just think it’s funny, and that’s why we made it. Don’t forget to use DONNA10 at checkout.

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Pet Owners…Beware Deep State Veterinarians

Orlando, FL – A disturbing new company has entered the veterinary pet care landscape and is spreading like wildfire across the US, with hundreds of clinics popping up, practically overnight, from coast to coast. I’m talking about Deep State Veterinarians. If you haven’t heard of Deep State Veterinarians yet, let me just say beware.

Deep State Veterinarians is the brainchild of Donna Marini. She is the CEO and self-proclaimed “best thing to ever happen to your pets.” Marini comes across as charming and even likeable, but one can’t help but notice her cavalier attitude toward pet privacy and your pets’ right to protect their personal data. Marini says that information like what your pets watch on TV after you leave for work, and what shoes they like to chew on is valuable, and she intends to get at it. “None of my pets have been mailed a privacy policy statement in the last year that I can recall, while I’ve received at least six, so there you go,” says Marini.

Donna Marini, CEO, Deep State Veterinarians

Marini’s Deep State Veterinarians clinics are wildly popular with cats and dogs, and if you haven’t taken your pet to one, let me warn you, it may not be up to you. “We’ve integrated our clinics with Alexa and Uber, so your pets can easily make appointments and hail a ride while you’re at work or out for dinner.” Marini says. This might explain the sudden steep increase in the company’s stock price.

Even more cunning than providing convenience and transportation to your pets so they can easily get to Marini’s clinics, the treatment your pets receive when they arrive is simply a level above anything they experience at other veterinary clinics. When was the last time you saw cats and dogs sprawled out with mud packs and cucumbers covering their eyes at the vet? While Marini may seem like she cares for your pets, there’s a not-so-subtle undertone of ruthlessness in her approach and her statements. Perhaps that explains the brazenness of the company’s tagline, “not our fault your pets can’t keep secrets.”

What kind of secrets is Marini talking about? Marini wouldn’t tip her hand, but she did offer this. “Look, your pets are talking. They’re talking at the dog park, the cat scratching post, and over Alexa when you’re not around. I bet you didn’t know they created their own backchannel on Alexa. How do you think your Netflix password got used by every house on your block when nobody was home? And I’m supposed to be the bad guy? Do you even really know your pets? How do you think that makes them feel?”

Marini wouldn’t say exactly what methods she employs to get your pets to spill information, but we did notice cases of Reese’s Pieces stacked up in the lobby of the clinic in the Orlando location we visited. An Amazon delivery truck departed just as we arrived. Another feature of Marini’s unique clinics is her art studios, where her cats and dogs are free to express themselves on canvas. Their favorite theme appears to be “what we do when nobody’s home.” Does Marini profit off the art of her clients by selling their merchandise of this very website? “Sure,” she says. “But we offer our services for free, so who’s not winning here? I mean, really. Until pets get opposable thumbs, or pockets, how would they even pay me anyway?”

Noted pet privacy expert Sam Fartman (@gasleak) says pet owners should be outraged by Marini’s antics and stay away from Deep State Veterinarians. “Don’t fall for Marini’s irresistible charm like your pets do. The best thing you can do for the well-being of everyone concerned is to sound the alarm on social media about Deep State Veterinarians and Marini’s antics. Share this article immediately, and even buy her Deep State Veterinarians merchandise, because at least you’ll be creating buzz for her. And if nothing else, you’ll keep Deep State Veterinarians growing and opening new locations. Wait, that’s not right. She’s got me all twisted up now. Ugh!! Oh well, just make sure to use DONNA10 at checkout. You’ll save 10%, and your pets will love you more.”

Marini also runs Deep State Motor Company, Deep State Cosmetic Surgery, Deep State Cookie Company, Deep State Auto Repair, and a host of other companies under her Sunbands brand. Do not buy ANY of her Deep State Shenanigans merchandise, especially if you are a softball team, or an intramural team, or a bowling team, or any kind of team, and need a cool team name and uniforms. But if you must support her and her shady businesses, don’t forget to use DONNA10 at checkout.

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Ladies Gameday Headband Review

Ladies, it’s gameday. You would like to sport a headband with your team’s name on it. Maybe it’s your junior high, or your high school, or your college, or even your kid’s ball team. But where do you go to find something that doesn’t exist? Right here at Sunbands. Our headbands love to be adorned with team decals. It doesn’t matter if nobody sells a headband with your team’s name on it, because with Sunbands you can easily turn our headband into your own team headband. We’ll show you how, step-by-step.

But before we do, the good news is that we already have some of you covered.

We sell Sunbands 3-packs that include officially licensed add-on decals for these fifteen colleges.

  • Florida Gators Headbands
  • UCF Knights Headbands
  • Miami Hurricanes Headbands
  • FSU Seminole Headbands
  • Georgia Bulldog Headbands
  • Clemson Tigers Headbands
  • North Carolina Tar Heels Headbands
  • South Carolina Gamecocks Headbands
  • Penn State Nittany Lions Headbands
  • Michigan Wolverines Headbands
  • Ohio State Buckeyes Headbands
  • Alabama Crimson Tide Headbands
  • LSU Tigers Headbands
  • Tennessee Volunteers Headbands
  • Auburn Tigers Headbands

You can order Sunbands for any of these schools by clicking here. Use DONNA10 at checkout and save 10%.

If your team isn’t on the list, don’t worry. We’ll guide you through the steps to create your own beautiful custom decals and turn our Sunbands into your own team headbands. Concerned about licensing? Don’t be. If you are not selling the decals you create, you are legally allowed to recreate any team’s logo for your own personal use.

Step 1- Order a 3-pack of Sunbands by clicking here. Again, don’t forget to use DONNA10 at checkout.

Step 2 – Create and order your custom decals. It starts by right-clicking and saving a logo from the web or using any file you already have. You’ll need a horizontal logo, i.e. a name logo because the available space on the headband is up to 4.75″ wide and 1″ high. The dimensions of the logo you download don’t matter, so long as the name is horizontal. And the larger the logo file, the better your decals will turn out. So do an image search, pick out the largest, highest-quality horizontal logo of your team. Right-click and save it to your computer.

Here is an example of one I downloaded myself.

Step 2 – Visit RemoveBG to remove the background from your logo. This is easy and free. Just click Upload on the homepage, add your file and then you’ll see this. Click Download and it will save to your computer. Now you are ready to create your decals!

Step 3 – Visit Stickers International to design and order your decals. You’ll be ordering decals on a sheet, so depending on the size, you may receive as many as 32 decals on one sheet. This makes the process great for sharing. You can outfit a group if you like. You have a choice of materials. The least expensive is “Glossy Stickers.” This is what we recommend. Keep the shipping in mind. If your order is $20, then they ship free. So, you can add a second sheet, or even order something else to spend $20. Another option is to order them as “Window Clings.” They cost a little more but don’t have a sticky adhesive and can be taken off and reapplied.

Step 4 – Let’s design! The easiest thing is to use their Quick Builder pop out box on the right side of the screen. Enter the parameters you see here, then select either Glossy White Vinyl on Sheets or Gloss White Window Cling on Sheets from the Material dropdown box. You’ll be selecting white and putting these decals on the white Sunbands because white works universally with any logo. Throughout this process you will find it may take trial and error to get your size, materials, and pricing where you want it to be. It’s fine to start the design process over as many times as you need.

Step 5 – Next you will find yourself here. Click Design online/upload artwork.

Step 6 – Click Add a logo, Upload. Make sure you upload the file with the background removed.

Step 7 – Use the arrow pointer on the bottom right of the logo to drag the logo larger or smaller. Notice how I’ve gotten the logo to nearly touch the green lines on all four sides. That’s your goal. To get there you will have to use trial and error by adjusting the width. The height is always 1″, but the width needs to be played with until you can get your logo to nearly touch the green lines on all four sides. In this case, my width ended up being 2.5″. Notice the yellow warning box about logo quality. This will warn you about the print quality. In this case, it’s OKAY, and I’m okay with that because this logo is not extremely intricate.

Step 8 – Click OK at the bottom right of the screen, then click Finished Designing.

Step 9 – Next you will arrive at this screen. Click Print a proof.

Here is a screenshot of the proof. Notice how I’ve gotten the logo to fill out most of the sticker area. This goes back to how I tried several widths until I settled on 2.5.” You can go as wide as 4.75″.

Step 10 – If you are satisfied, proceed to the ordering process by clicking Approve this design and add to cart. Remember, if you aren’t completely happy with your design, or want to change the material, just scrap it and start over. Your logo will be saved once you’ve uploaded it, so starting over is pretty painless. If you receive a red, low print quality warning, look for a larger logo to download, and start over.

Step 11 – You need to know how to put the decals on straight, and we have a solution for that too. Just send us an email at and tell us you custom ordered decals. We’ll email over the instructions.

Happy Designing! If you ever need any assistance, just send us an email at We’ll be glad to help.