Sunbands LSU Tigers 3-Pack Women’s Headbands


3-pack of black, white, and red Sunbands with one officially licensed LSU Tigers add-on decal for the white Sunband.

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Say goodbye to the squeeze. Say hello to freedom and comfort. Ask any woman what her favorite headbands is, and she might just tell you it’s not a headband at all. It’s her sunglasses. So, I put sunglasses and a headband together to create Sunbands. Sunbands are sporty, beautiful, fun, and have a high gloss, hard candy paint finish you can buff clean with a soft cloth. They float on your head. They are ultra-lightweight, flexible, and bendable, and you can shape them to fit perfectly. No matter how many headbands you own, your collection isn’t complete until it includes Sunbands, and you can finally leave your sunglasses in the car where they belong.

  • Design inspired by sunglasses
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Versatile, fashionable, dressy, or casual
  • Flexible and bendable so you can shape them to fit perfectly
  • Float on your head so your hair doesn’t get matted
  • High gloss paint finish so you can wipe them clean
  • Go with everything from shorts and a tee on the hiking trail to a lovely dress on date night
  • Ideal fit for ages 12 & up