Sunbands were invented in 2014 by Donna Marini and prototyped by Patrick Saville at SolidPrint3D in Winter Garden, FL. For seven years Donna wore her Sunband prototypes everywhere she went. Then one day in 2021 her husband Michael, President and Investment Adviser Representative at Orlando 401k Specialists, said “those Sunbands look really great on you. Why don’t we turn those into a business?” And Donna said “well, they’re my favorite headbands to wear. In the last seven years I’ve never once reached for one of my old headbands.” Then, Michael said, “that’s good enough for me. And wouldn’t it be great if we could customize them for people with their own names and designs?” So, the two of them set about establishing manufacturing, branding, decal production and website, and the rest is history yet to be written. Thank you for visiting and buying Sunbands. We hope you like wearing them as much as we like bringing them to you. Drop a line and let us know. sales@sunbands.us