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Mother Daughter Matching Tops Review

Choose matching tops for mom and daughter at Sunbands. We sell only our own creations here, so what you see cannot be purchased anywhere else. Which reminds me, use DONNA10 at checkout. And now that we’ve answered the million percent question, let’s talk mom, youth, toddler, and baby matching tops!

When we started designing our signature headbands, the question became what to call them. We tossed around a lot of ideas, but the one we settled on was Sunbands, which is simply the sun from sunglasses and the bands from headbands. It’s not rocket science, thankfully, or we’d be in trouble. We’re good at a few things here, but rockets and science are not high on the list. If I’m being truthful, our list took one look at rockets and science and said “nah, we’re good.”

So how do you write the word Sunbands, and turn it into something that looks like a brand? First, I knew it needed to be black and pink because that’s Donna’s thing. When we first met, she drove a black and pink minivan. It was the first wheelchair accessible minivan ever sold in the Central Florida area, way back in 1991. Until then, the only van you could get if you wanted to drive from your wheelchair was an ice cream truck. Well, not really. But it was definitely big enough that you could set up an ice cream shop inside.

After looking at the word Sunbands for a few minutes, the A jumped off the paper and screamed “give me some sunglasses.” And that’s how it happened. The A in Sunbands became the Sunband itself. But then, we thought why not try out a few other words that might look great with the Sunbands A. And that’s how Huggable, Loveable, Adorable, Dreamer and Charming came to be.

Huggable, Loveable, Adorable, Dreamer and Charming come in pink and purple versions, with lots of colors to choose from for your tops. Please see them all right here. Thank you for visiting, and don’t forget to use DONNA10 at checkout.