Design a Sunbands decal package unique for yourself or for the group of you. If you want something as simple as your name and an icon, we will make it for you. There is no minimum order requirement.

Please send us an email and tell us the numbers and colors of Sunbands you would like to order (white, red, black). Please include words and images you would like to see on them, or direct us to a website where the words and images are located. For names, we will use the font from our own designs unless you specify a font of your own. If you would like an icon after your name, you can request any of the icons from our designs or include your own.

We will create a decal proof from your request and send to you for approval, along with an invoice for the order.

If you approve, simply pay the invoice and we will begin decal production. Custom orders take approximately two weeks to complete and ship.

Ready to get started?